Some WEBDEVT Requirements

March 5, 2009

To Sir Dave Q,
Here are some unchecked WEBDEVT requirements:

Note: All homework were blogged on or before the deadline/submission.

EX1 – PHP CRUDhttp://eibhrum.site90.com/php/scaffold/new.php

With this activity, I wasn’t able to connect the database of of some mySQL issues. I already took some actions to ‘connect’ my work. All the requirements were complete and strictly followed. Unfortunately, certain ‘privileges’ in the phpadmin cannot be acquired. I already tried changing my database – even the host name. Unfortunately, same result = connection failed = zilch nadda :(.

I’m leaving up my codes in this link. I followed all the steps in making the CRUD in phpscaffold.com. If you have time to look at my codes, please do so. I hope you understand this case. An effort grade would do than zero. 😦

AS4 Google APIshttp://eibhrum.site90.com/map/

AS5 – PHP CRUD with Form Validationhttp://eibhrum.site90.com/php/validation/form-email.php

AS7 – Demonstration of a PHP Session http://eibhrum.site90.com/php/session/

Thanks. 😀

For compliance,



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