Joel Feinberg: The Nature and Value of Rights

March 2, 2009

Book: Contemporary Moral Problems by James E. White (7th Edition)

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Quote: “Having rights, or course, makes claiming possible; but it is claiming that gives rights their special moral significance.”


One thing that this chapter talked about is about how nature of value works. In our society, every person has its own rights and own deeds to be done. Having the right of a human person keeps the community in tact. In every rights we have, we also have responsibility to take care of our actions. Creating rights for people creates common good, or simply, common ground. People will be more aware of what actions should be done to avoid violating the rights of a person.

Having the right doesn’t mean you can do everything you want. In this democratic country that we have, we have freedom to express our feelings to everybody else. Each person is capable of expressing his thoughts, opinions, suggestions and other views in the community. Having a right means responsibility, you should do actions according to your conscience and what is implied in the law.

What Feinberg wants to reiterate is the idea that a person could defend for his or her rights. Every body has a balanced authority to defend themselves against the threats of others. That’s why we have our local authorities today. They are the ones who are responsible in enforcing the law provided. These groups of people are responsible for keeping the community peace, safe, and in order. As long as you feel harassed by someone, fight for your right.

People should learn how to value the rights of other people – same as people respect their own rights. People should respect just like they wanted to be respected by every one else. It’s a cycle out there. We should learn how to adapt in a way the every human person would create a big difference in the community.

What I’ve Learned:

  • The nature of value of rights
  • Learn to value and respect other’s right
  • Treat everyone as equal human being


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