Annette Baier: The Need for More Than Justice

March 2, 2009

Book: Contemporary Moral Problems by James E. White (7th Edition)

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Quote: “Let me say quite clearly at this early point that there is little disagreement that justice is a social value of very great importance, and injustice an evil.”


In this chapter, Annette Baier, teacher of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, noted some of here insights about the perspective of Giligan during her studies on the moral development of woman. She also distinguished other concepts coming from other philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and Rawls.

According to her, “justice and care should be harmonized with each other. Harmonization between the two would form something that will take care of people even when they do something to other people. The harmonization of justice and care is the same as the harmonization of man and woman. The cooperation of the two will form something that will be beneficial for the both parties.” The bonding of both characteristics would produce a chance where manly ethics and knowledge can be shared to womanly ethics and knowledge which in time will produce an outcome that will benefit a lot of people.”

The author disagreed to some ideologies she thinks not applicable and not helpful for human beings. Justice, I believe, is something to be done according to the betterment of the community. Justice will only prevail as long as people meet up in a common good. Justice is something everyone should earn and strive for. It isn’t just something we beg from others, it is something we work really hard. Persevering in doing our commitments to stay justice in line is important.

Learning to care for justice is essential for each person. Just by simply caring for one another, it only shows how people are valued by anybody. “Caring for others is something that comes from virtue or morality in life. People who grew up with someone who care for them tends to gain this characteristic and share it to others.”

Care with justice is just saying that even though a person committed something that is unacceptable for the society, it doesn’t mean that the person who committed the act should be treated like trash or waste. Proper care should still be present because that person who committed the act still has the right to be human.

What I’ve Learned:

  • People change as well as the society and justice
  • Justice is something we should persevere on
  • People needs justice, just like people needs food
  • Fairness is important

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