Getting Real – Chapter 16

November 10, 2008

The 16th chapter of 37signals’ Getting Real mainly discussed about Conclusion. This is the last chapter to be found in the book. Given below are the topics covered in this chapter:

It is important to focus and to prioritize to your works that needs attention and improvements. It is essential for developers to create successful execution for their applications. That is why every time they’ll be making applications, everything should be in placed.

There is more to getting real than just about managing an application. In execution, it gives you more better ideas. It keeps you improving and improving more until you meet the ‘real’ requirements asked by your customers. Ideas may serves as part of initiating good outputs or outcomes, but execution is still the real great thing.

Of course, behind every successful work comes from people. Picking the right people will always create a great impact not only at your work, but it will reflect on your application that you are building. People also denote customers; somehow one needs to notice them, listen to them, try to get them involved and be honest to them.

This is the last chapter of the Getting Real book. Phew. I finally finished the whole book and I must say that I really do learn a lot from this.

I have listed some insights and learning that really helped me while reading the book:

· Passion for learning and sharing knowledge to people

· Creating new and compelling ways for users to use your application/s

· Thinking ‘outside the box’

· Build and create an effective and working team

· Skills, attitude, and character reflect your work

· Developing ideas that are feasible and workable

· Don’t be afraid of changes

· Learning how to deal with people in different ways

· Motivating people to learn from your application

· Stay connected with people

· Effective blogging creates human conversations

· Knowing what people really want in an application

· Dealing with issues in functionality and accessibility

· Treat your work not just only as a software, it represents you.

“You need people who are passionate about what they do. People who care about their craft – and actually think of it as a craft. People who take pride in their work, regardless of the monetary reward involved.”

37 signals

To wrap all things up, in this final chapter, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who became part of creating this wonderful and valuable book – the whole crew of 37signals, and the people behind in publishing. I would also like to thank our professor, Sir Dave Q, for giving us the opportunity to learn something from this book. I know deep in my heart that everything that I was able to grasp in this book will be useful for the futures to come. Thank you for sharing this book with us.

And to all my classmates who already read the entire book, may this book serves as a guidance or as a tool to create effective application someday. Good luck to everyone!

Indeed, this book aren’t just only for IT people like us, but I believe it serves as a way to increase our awareness in building and developing useful system/program/application in our respective task/s. This book is highly recommended for people who wished to be influenced with great concepts in building apps. Technology and technicality-wise, I must say that this book says it all.

Goodbye and farewell, Getting Real. Your memories will be remembered forever and ever.

Thanks for reading and God bless.


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