Getting Real – Chapter 15

November 9, 2008

The 15th chapter of 37signals’ Getting Real mainly discussed about Post-Launch. Given below are the topics covered in this chapter:

In this chapter, 37signals discussed something about updating your application after its launching. Updating your application only shows that you learn how to listen with your customer’s ideas and demands. Through updates, you improve your application – and it gets better and better. During this phase, feedbacks from your users or from your customers are highly visible. This stage is where deep conversations really start. You start focusing what are the things needs updates or revisions.

Blog post-launch is well considered once you have already launched your application to the community. People can now interact with it with so many ways. Blogging keeps people getting real about your application – they visualize it, they sense it, and they identify it. Blogging keeps them informed and connected. They can check updates about your application’s recent developments. Through blogging, you showcase your application not only to limited people, but you let everybody see around the world what your application is all about.

Betas were also discussed in this chapter. It is advisable to come up with beta launch in private rather than in public. Beta would not always mean ‘perfect’. That is why 37signals advised that betas aren’t useful enough and not perfect enough – it is better to call it as a imperfect release. At least, you don’t have to wait to your application to be so perfect. As long as it is functional, make it as a release – not betas. Betas are good – but avoid too much from them.

Bug issues were also raised in this chapter. We must learn to prioritize these bugs and try not to ignore them. It is our responsibility to fix them as early as we can. Bugs can create an impact especially to your end users. However, of course, it is also important that you keep you users informed that there are bugs going on in your application. Tell them what are your plans to fix it – explain everything to them.

Think outside the box – keep your application creative and innovative as possible. This allows your application more flexible and more reliable to your users. It is important that you learn how to change. Your creativity will always be your limitation – find compelling ways to your application so that people will really use it.

Remember – nobody is perfect. What Getting Real wants us to realize is that we cannot attain total perfection. What we can only attain is the satisfaction that we will be getting from people who will be using our application. The best thing we could offer to them is showing and giving them what they really want.


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