Getting Real – Chapter 13

November 8, 2008

The 13th chapter of 37signals’ Getting Real mainly discussed about Promotion. Given below are the topics covered in this chapter:

As a developer of programmer, it is necessary to determine first where or what location/s is/are marketable, meaning – find a place where your ‘application teaser’ can be launched. That certain location must be something accessible to people and must be something interesting for them. A good place would always get a better result or outcome.

You should consider for a ‘Hollywood Launch’. People will be buying for that since they it will make your program/application more known to everyone. For the ‘teaser’ part, your application must be something that is ‘compelling’ and ‘interesting’ for your users. Your app should have at least features that are accessible and functional already. Don’t mind if your app isn’t completely finished – what is important that it is up and running. A functional app means that is has already the capability to update or to be fixed in the near revisions or versions. In addition, having a functional app means you could already market or advertise the working system/application.

Since it is already up and running, it would be advisable to track and record information on this certain application. Blog posting would do, most especially, for people who are fond of reading information about the given product. In this way, you are starting to advertise your product – and people already buying their interest on it.

Blogging keeps potential buyers/users informed about the product information. It keeps them up to date and notified with new updates and revisions that will be happening in the application. Blog posts will serve as part of the developer’s documentation of the application created. Speaking of blogging, it is recommended to create blog entries that can motivate readers to try your application. Using set of media such as audio and visual resources, adding ‘tweaks’ to your blog posts would eventually create a big impact to your reader’s interest with your application. You can now have the assurance that these people will be paying attention to every detail that you will be posting.

Blogging can be a good start to advertise products or services. Including other ‘add-ons’ to your blog site can be transformed into something that is ‘promotional’. Incorporate features such as overviews, tours, screen shots and videos, buzz, forums, pricing, etc. will always be a hit for most people who will be reading on your site.

Blogging should really be considered since it is cheaper than do advertising in a costly way. Blogging can make its way to be something that looks like an advertisement, but with different style or form. Everyone can blog in just few minutes – without even exerting too much effort. With blogging, you create information effective, up to date, productive, and inexpensive.

For most people, they are interested to applications that can render functionality already. 37signals advised that people should already get knowledge of the application –features, screenshots, sitemaps, etc. People should already get the idea how the system will look like after the entire development and testing phase will be accomplished. Blog postings could help you in this way to create ‘previews’ for users.

In the launch phase, at this point in time, you should already started application release to your product. You must start advertising it. As a developer, you must be prepared to disseminate these application to various users found in different community. You should also consider prioritizing people who are interested buying and using their product – they will serve as your primary customers and end users as well.

And when the subject you’re teaching is your app, it serves a dual purpose: You can give something back to the community that supports you and score some nice promotional exposure at the same time.”

37 signals

In everything you do, you must show your passion on it. Promoting means educating people. It is important to let future users stay informed with your applications. Let them be exposed of how your applications can and will do in the near future. Making them educated would raise the level of their awareness and eventually increasing their knowledge about the technologies you used in creating the application.

Lastly, people will always buy for a product that is something catchy and can be easily remembered. You should consider on that. Giving a name for you app is a big responsibility that you have to take – it represents your application and represents you. Create something that is creative which comprises catchy statements, letters, of numbers.


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