Getting Real – Chapter 12

October 17, 2008

This chapter talks about how to manage and control your cost when it comes to your building your application and project – pricing and sign in the web developer way. The author suggested that developers must learn to budget – know how to price their projects, especially those deployable in the web.

Another thing that the author mentioned is about free samples. Then I remember what I’ve learned from one of my class, about FREEMIUM. This kind of what we call ‘samplers’ are great way to promote your application, in the same way, they allow users to test out your web application. Another advantage using this process is that your potential clients will help them determine the quality and accuracy of the developer’s product. This kind of approach would also give developers and clients to build relationship, thus, giving loyalty and confidence that they will ensure customer satisfaction and quality service.

One thing that the authors highlighted in this chapter is the proper way of signing up accounts. Customers will look for applications that have easy navigation. On the same way, customers must find ease if they want to cancel their accounts as well. By doing this, developers show their importance for customers. Avoiding hassles for customers make things considerate for them.


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