Getting Real – Chapter 10

October 11, 2008

This chapter tells us how we should manage our codes – on how we should implement it and making it simpler for us to understand. There are different ways and techniques to utilize your codes efficiently. Just make sure, that every time you code, you remember this quote:

“The palest ink is better than the best memory.”

As human beings, our memories are not precise and can fade without notice. Memories could die eventually. Sometimes, best memory could still lack some elements, which is something unavoidable. It is more reliable to write something, which could remain intact for a long time.

Something that written down is far more accurate. It is something that will be firm and will stand the test of time – something that would last a lifetime.

To write it down is to record it. Just like our history, some facts were written down and not easily forgotten. You have taken the big picture – it is something that you could still recall for a long time. However, some information may not be accurate; the contents written down will be remaining unaffected. Unlike facts that were just stored in memories, they can’t be preserved for a long time.

Just like in any business transaction – you need to write everything down. You don’t just take anybody’s word for a fact. You need to write it down.

Good programmers always document their codes in a way that they are understandable. This would also help you to track down your progress – whether your program/apps is working fine or not.

Knowing your codes would help you lessen time to overdo managing time. As long as you write information that is helpful for your projects, you don’t have to worry so much in making them.


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