Getting Real – Chapter 8

October 2, 2008

Chapter 8 talks about staffing – on finding the right and suitable person to do the job for you. In staffing, you hire people which has the best standards for the job. You choose people – at the right time and at the right place. Finding the right people is not an easy task. You must know how to pick out people who are potential for the job.

I remember what I’ve learned during our PERMANA (Personnel Management or Human Resource Management). In hiring an employee, two processes or steps must be consider – recruiting phase and selection phase. In recruitment, employers would find people who would meet their requirements, such as the character, skills, and attitude of the person. On the other hand, selection phase seeks for picking out the right person. You have to break down the list of potential employees. In this process, proper decision making is vital.

Hire less and Hire later. The author explains that we must hire less people when it comes to starting out a project. Finding less people to work the job but being good enough for it would be fine. In this way, your company you’re working with will reduce its cost.

It is important for people to know everyone else – more. In this way, you cannot afford to lose people who are deserving for the job. You interact with them and you participate with them. Communication between two people make them healthy – especially in social aspect. In conversing, you stay connected with your peers- you know more about them.

Get well rounded individuals. You should learn to adapt with new people around your organization. You show them your experience and let it inspire them. Be a role model for them. You must learn to connect with them. Connect. Connect.

Passion. It is important for everyone who will make a project. Without passion in work, you cannot appreciate the works you’ve done. Passion makes thinkgs spiced up. It gives more meaningful to your project. By staying commited at your work and prioritize things you should prioritize, you can finish your project smoothly – without hesitations or worries. By staying optimistic, you would surely enjoy working with your apps, and in the same way, you build healthy relationship with the team.


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