Getting Real – Chapter 7

September 29, 2008

Many companies nowadays have employees who are specialized in a certain field of work. Everybody have their own little world. In creating applications, the author emphasizes that

“As much as possible, integrate your team so there’s a healthy back-and-forth dialogue throughout the process. Set up a system of checks and balances. Don’t let things get lost in translation. Have copywriters work with designers. Make sure support queries are seen by developers.

Even better, hire people with multiple talents who can wear different hats during development. The end result will be a more harmonious product.”

It is more commendable to create healthy relationship with everyone involve in your work. A diverse community would probably work effectively that those who are not. Different people needs different people to interact as well. They must learn how to adapt others, just like how others would adapt you.

In communication, it is important not to waste too much time in meet-ups. Everything should be on fast paced. Not only that you are conserving time and effort for meetings, you also stay focused as possible. Lengthy discussions would sometimes hides the real deal. Time management must be done to avoid ‘productivity-killing interruptions’.

Lastly, it is important that you are kept motivated on your work. Without that motivation, that passion of working with your application – what’s the use making the in the first place? You must love what you’re doing. Stop being pretentious and act as normal. Be a professional. Being motivated gives you the way with the right direction.


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