September 11, 2008

Time check. 1:31 AM.

The first Shopify store was our own – it did what it was supposed to, and it did it well. After seeing its success, we realized that we could provide this tool to others, and help them sell their products online. At Shopify we stand for simplicity, elegance, and common sense, and we hope to infuse those qualities in everything we do.


Shopify.com, an application hosted in the Internet that allows you to set up an online store within minutes and allows you to sell your goods without any fees or charges.

And the good thing about this application? It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all without the hassle of running a physical store.

During the time Sir David Quitoriano introduced this, I was a little bit excited checking out this site myself. Unfortunately, because of some technical concerns happened during the time of our IS-EBIZ class, I didn’t have the chance to glance a little from it.

Soon, as I access the Internet at my house here in Cavite, I started to sign-up first for an account.

Then I remembered what Sir Paul Pajo, our VERTSOL professor, told us something few days ago.

Yeah. I remember the term. FREE-mium.

Shopify.com is one example of a free-mium application. You could actually try them without any charge. However, there were other ‘plans’ – that is how they call it – that entails a specific fee to acquire special requirements, such as decreased transaction fees, increased maximum SKUs, etc.

I’ve decided to pick the Free plan.

In every business you want to make, first, you should include a name for it.

At that instance, the word Systems Plus came through my mind. ‘Systems Plus’ has been adopted many times already – I’ve been using this word during my Project Management, Business Finance Management, and IT Infrastructure class.

I rfind a hard time accomplishing the tasks given in the site. There were some parts that I’m still unaware of. Good thing the site is friendly – I can navigate links with no difficulty

At the back of my mind, I still don’t have any idea what will do with this site. Since Sir David already bring in the idea of this so-called e-commerce site, I was confused on what products I’ll be selling for my so-called customers. And so, I started experimenting on different functions by clicking unusual links displayed in the site. Until I found out this ‘catalog’ part, I was so excited to try it out. During that time, I was thinking about Microsoft.

Microsoft products.

Microsoft software.

That’s it!

I’ll be selling Microsoft software.

Since I have some little background about Microsoft software and applications, I’ve decided to showcase them little by little. I added some Microsoft products that were likely seen by the consumer in the industry. I also added products that I think, typical IT students should have these days.

After accomplishing on adding products, product details, and other information needed in the site. I did a little update on my welcome page. I added a Slide application and an Imeem application, for my background music

Since I have no interest of selling Microsoft products, as of now, I added a disclaimer notifying people who would come to visit that I don’t sell any products and the site was only created as a requirement for my IS-EBIZ course.

Though, I must admit, I did well on making my first e-commerce site.

However, the’re still a room for improvement.

Well, that’s it for now. I might fix the site some other time, maybe.

It’s already past 2 AM. I need some decent sleep.

Apparently, I haven’t started reading the chapters 1 and 2 of ‘Getting Real’ article, entirely.

I’ll be back a couple of hours later for another blog post.

Here’s my Shopify site, by the way: http://eibhrum.myshopify.com

Good night and good morning.


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