Getting R-E-A-L

September 11, 2008

Time check. 10:32 AM

I was about to cram myself up posting this blog.

It was almost 11 AM when I finally read the first two chapters of ‘Getting Real’ by 37signals.

Alas! After reading and comprehending them, I’ve decided to make a so-called reaction paper for this.

After clicks of browsing several web pages, I suddenly remember something.

Something about



Let me share you something on what I’ve learned from Microsoft few months back.

The term User experience, often-abbreviated as UX, is used to illustrate the overall experience and satisfaction a user has when using a product or system.

It most usually refers to a mixture of software and business procedures, such as selling over the web, software usability, etc., but it applies to any result of interactive design.

To understand better we have here a simple metaphor on displayed below:

If you are the one to open the can what will you choose between the knife and the mechanical can opener?

Definitely you’ll choose the can opener because you’ll consider which is faster, easier, and more reliable to use.

This implies the quote, saying,

If something is

hard to use,

you’ll just


it less.

Most software designers and developers of today are focusing on the goal of creating an application that will create desire for the user to discover and learn to use the system efficiently and effectively.

The user has four resources to expend in discovering, learning, using, and hopefully becoming efficient in your application.

The more of these the user must spend to learn and operate your app, they less they have to apply to their actual goals.

More than being user friendly, your application should be people ready!



is everything

because everything is part of

the experience.

Just like Microsoft, this is how a privately-held Chicago-based company is committed to building the best web-based software products possible for their users.

This is 37signals.

37signals made a book called Getting Real – a book which describes their business, their design, their programming, and their marketing philosophies.

Getting Real is like a strategy. A technique. A practice in making applications based on the customer needs, ideas and how they will able to utilize it. It is how UX should be experienced.

Good thing about 37signals is that they were able to come up with set of applications that allows users to handle them effortlessly. And I must say that having this kind of applications is a BIG ADVANTAGE for them, productive-wise and efficient-wise.

Getting real gives you that EDGE of doing things in fast phase – doing things at the same time. Users usually make use of application which has the capability of easy-access or should I say, the capability of navigating different functions of the application.

In every project you do, you must determine different constraints, such us the TIME, COST and SCOPE. I personally experienced them. Good project management should be able to help you in handling them. You should learn to prioritize in small things first before handling big ones. You must think of an achievable goal. Something that is doable. Something that is possible.

Expect things that everything will happen, negatively and positively. With these, you learn more. You became more mature.

Doing projects is like a game. In everything you do, you may actually make a risk out of it.

Competition is also a key to improvement. With this, you could actually improve your applications by comparing the similarities of your product and of your competitor’s.

When you solve your own problem, you create a tool that you’re passionate about. And passion is key. Passion means you’ll truly use it and care about it. And that’s the best way to get others to feel passionate about it too.


I totally agree with this one. If you’re really up to something, let others know about it too. Later, these things that you feel passionate about will be appreciated by other people as well. It is something that represent yourself – you whole being.

It is almost 12.30 PM. (I’m still thinking of adding some stuffs here later.)

Though I’m still at the first few chapters of this book, I would recommend this for everyone, especially for people who wish to create compelling web applications without having difficulty of understanding and applying concepts in constructing applications. It would also change their thinking on how to build applications.

Thanks for reading.

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

Have a nice day.


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  1. Excellent post. Make sure the user experience is always pleasant. Even with your blog. Fonts, design, layout are all part of UX. Cheers!

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